The Resilience Advisors Network

A specialist organisation providing fire, police, health, defence and security expertise from the UK, European Union, USA & Canada

Delivering practical support, effective advice, consultancy and temporary staff for your business solutions.

What we do

This is a dynamic and largely unprescribed sector so we don't have a brochure or product list. We work flexibly to understand your needs and provide the best available expertise to ensure successful outcomes.

Only when we are completely aligned with your requirements will we work together with you to design a bespoke & highly effective solution

The best way to understand the scope of our capabilities is to have a look at some of our recent projects; market development, training, bid support etc. then get in touch for a chat. The track record of our advisors speaks for itself. There is little doubt that we will be able to enhance your business!

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Who we are

The Network is a diverse group of more than 30 highly experienced technicians and officers from across the UK, Europe and USA.

Each member comes professionally recommended with a proven and documented record of success across public and private enterprises within the emergency, security and defence sectors.

Advisors work alone or in groups working as solution teams to best support the outcomes you need whether that be market entry intelligence, organisational continuity arrangements, business development, training, or litigation defence/avoidance or any other critical resilience-related project delivery.

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Resilient Solutions

With the evolving risk environment, businesses increasingly need professional, high-quality, risk management solutions created by those who understand the true nature of what might befall them.

Taking a unique, systematic approach, we will examine key components of your businesses operation and bring to bear the experience of our extensive network to create robust and cost effective solutions.

We provide proven experts in all aspects of delivery and assurance with skills developed over many years working with top resilience bodies in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Americas

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