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The Resilience Advisors Network (RAN) is a group of more than 100 practitioners who come together to form expert project teams. The Network will tackle any project, large or small, as long as it's designed to strengthen community, locality or infrastructure resilience from disasters and emergencies.

Advisors come from a broad range of emergency service and disaster management-related backgrounds, most holding senior positions in Emergency Management, Rescue Service or Civil Contingency authorities.

We're not typical consultants! We all have practical and real experience of 'doing the job'; preparing for, responding to and managing real-life emergencies and disasters.

The Advisors are spread all over the world but with a larger density in Europe. This enables the network to understand both local perspectives as well as the more global picture.

Formed in 2015, RAN operates through companies and offices around the world and is particularly active in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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